Which Android applications are secure?

Part of the problem with new technology and everyone rushing to use it, is that consequences are rarely considered. This is the case with the incredibly popular Android phone.

Many people keep very important data about their lives on the phones yet neglect to protect any of it. The question becomes, which of all the Android application you have downloaded are know to be secure?

A recent study shows that more than 1 out of every 4 applications are not secure.

The best place to start your mobile security efforts is with the following 3 steps;
1. Do your research BEFORE downloading applications and understand how they may put your data at risk.
2. Have a good Mobile Security Solution to help keep your data safe.
3. Back up your phone’s data and settings. Back it up and make sure to use an auto-locate feature to be able to find a lost or stolen phone.

More information on the insecurity of Android Mobile phone applications can be found here:

Stay safe out there!