Where does Internet crime rank with the FBI?

FBI Cyber Crime DivisionWhat is the biggest threat to America’s national security right now? If you answered terrorism, you would have been correct a decade ago when organizations such as al-Qaeda were at the peak of their power. But these days cyber crime comes in at #1 on the FBI’s list of top security concerns.

At the recent 2013 InfoSec Europe conference in London, where attendees could do things like view new product demonstrations, gather ESET Endpoint Security information, and listen to keynote addresses about current security issues, a high-ranking FBI official said that the Bureau is shifting its primary focus from counter-terrorism to computer crime. The move is being made in response to a dramatic increase in cyber-attacks and cyber espionage perpetrated against critical U.S. infrastructure. To accommodate this change in priorities the FBI will now:

·         Hire more computer scientists to train agents

·         Adopt new preventive measures to stop cybercrime

·         Collaborate with private sector firms, security experts, and academics to share information and expand capabilities

The rise in Internet crime affects not only government networks, but individuals and small businesses alike. With more and more criminals using computers as weapons to commit fraud and initiate malware attacks, it’s time to take security more seriously by making sure you’re running the latest version of the most sophisticated antivirus and malware blocking software available.

And don’t think you’re safe just because you use Apple devices. The massive popularity of Macs and the explosive growth of iPhones and iPads mean cyber-criminals are targeting iOS users as well. Fortunately, in addition to PC versions, SoftwareSecuritySolutions.com also carries antivirus for Mac desktop and mobile products.

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