Tips on Keeping Your Data Secure

keep data secureReading about all the different things hackers and identity thieves can do with stolen data is both scary and stressful. You naturally begin to worry about the security of your own confidential information and wonder how you would be able to recover your data and restore your good name should you become a victim.

But instead of waiting around and hoping cybercriminals don’t target your machine or mobile device, a better, more proactive approach to computer security is needed. Here are some tips on how to successfully keep your data secure.

  • Go find Avira Antivirus software at right now and install it immediately. An antivirus program is a must-have these days, as it allows you to prevent, detect, and eliminate all manner of threats ranging from viruses to worms to malware.
  • For the ultimate in protection, invest in a product like ESET Endpoint Security, which combines antivirus software with a bidirectional firewall to safeguard your network from potential attacks.
  • Use different passwords for your important email, financial, and shopping accounts, and make sure they contain a mix of upper- and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Never use the “save password” function on your internet browser. Even if you have the most complex password in the world, anyone can easily access your accounts if this function is enabled.
  • Download and install operating system updates as soon as they become available to prevent hackers from being able to exploit known security holes in Windows and iOS.
  • Never open an email attachment from an unknown or untrusted sender.

In addition to the above, we recommend that you make regular backups of your data to an external or removable drive just in case you experience a security breach.

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