Small Businesses Are the Most Vulnerable

Small Businesses Are TargetedMany small business owners operate under the false assumption that their company is safe from cyber thieves. They’re far too busy trying to provide outstanding service to customers to devote any time or resources to security, and they figure cyber thieves are too focused on Fortune 500 corporations to bother with the small guys anyway. As a result, some owners don’t even take basic precautions like choosing difficult-to-guess passwords or protecting their network with Avira Professional Security.

But these are the very reasons cyber thieves love to target small businesses. Lax security measures make hacking and similar breaches a piece of cake for criminals, who can then steal all the company’s assets without much effort.

If you’re a small business owner and you haven’t been paying much attention to computer security protocols, it’s time to make a change. By installing Avira Business Security Suite, which includes Avira Professional Security, Avira Sever Security, and the Avira Management Console, you’ll be able to put the following features to work for you:

  • Advanced virus protection for servers
  • Improved malware and spam blockers
  • Free one-click updates
  • One-click quarantine management
  • Dedicated user interfaces
  • Easy-to-use wizard for personalized configuration

Few small businesses can afford the loss of revenue and customer trust that typically results from being the victim of cybercrime, so don’t leave anything to chance. If your unsecure network resources are prime targets for cyber attacks, pick up the latest edition of Avira Business Security Suite from today to get the all-in-one protection you need.