Should I switch from iPhone to Android?

Ever heard of the shiny new object syndrome? Many of you may now be considering switching from iPhone to the Android Platform because of it. While there may be some fancy bells and whistles with this move there are things to consider before making the leap.

Being consumers of technological marvels, we have consistently chosen convenience first, over any other aspect of new technology or service. The question to ask yourself is; how convenient is it for you to make the leap?

Next we choose based on the cool factor which is closely tied to the bells and whistles available. This is commonly referred to as the “Shiny new object” syndrome. The question here is; does the coolness factor (i.e. bells and whistles), justify as a big enough reason to jump in?

Coming in dead last is any inclination of how secure the new technology, service, or platform is.

Talking about computer security is about as exciting as talking about Insurance (big yawn now).

To hear more about this check out the story from CNBC regarding iPhone vs Android HERE

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Stay secure out there – even if it is boring.