Helping businesses with solutions IS our sweet spot.

We understand our mission is to help small businesses, not only in securing their data, but in any other way we can, by raising the bar. To that end, I wanted to share with you a sharp company whose mission is also to help small businesses with sales and marketing.  Security, Sales & Marketing all in one place. How much better can it get?

I am talking about the folks over at Sixth Division. We recently met them at this year’sSixth Division TEAM Infusioncon show and wanted to provide a snapshot on who they are and what they do. They can seriously help you take your business to the next level.

The founders go way back to the early days of Infusionsoft and know the IS sales and marketing solution as well as anyone.

What co-founders Brad Martineau @bradmartineau and Dave Lee created is a process where you “unpack your brain” aka, do a brain dump about your business with them, and they take that information and package it in such a way that you can start to use the Infusionsoft tool most effectively.

Of course there are many steps to a sales and marketing system, but they have an uncanny way of simplifying it. This really resonated with me at the show because we try to do the same thing in our business – by simplifying Layered Computer Security for small businesses.

The process Sixth Division has created and as explained to me makes complete sense. There were many AHA moments as I started to get excited about how we can take next steps in sharing information about our computer security information, products and services.

Of course there are some investments you have to make, but this will definitely help you get a head start at working “on the business instead of in the business” (kudos to Michael E. Gerber – look him up on Amazon & get the book Emyth Revisited).

There is another way though. You can learn more about some “out of the park” marketing secrets here and possibly if you pay attention you could win some free consultation from these marketing wizards. Get after it and good luck!! Let me know if we can ever help in any way.

Discover more information at:

 Twitter: @sixth_division and @bradmartineau

 Check the hash tags for more of the conversation;

#icon13 – about the last Infusioncon show

& #25k – about the sixth division contest

All great stuff for small businesses.

Stay safe and productive out there!

Monte Robertson – Founder

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