Laptop Batteries Hacked – whats next?

Call me crazy but it seems there is something inherently wrong with not only having a password to protect a chip, but telling the world that such a thing exists, revealing the password in your public documentation, and then, how to exploit it.

So this begs for a couple hundred questions; If people can hack battery chips, can they hack other chips? Do other chips have passwords? Does this mean that no chip is secure?

If so, then maybe we should just shorten the life cycle of our hacking pain and put all information out for public knowledge and use. Furthering the thought that there would be no benefit to hacking, what then?

The computer security industry would dissolve. All the talented people in the industry could work towards other positive efforts.

The hackers and malicious gangs could contribute positively to this world. They are a very talented group and could do many great things.

I know this all sounds ridiculous. But as Forrest sort of said, “ridiculous is as ridiculous does.”

Speaking of that, I am glad I still use my typewriter to write this stuff. I think it is still un-hackable…time will tell.

Try and stay safe out there.

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