Hackers have put my business in jeopardy

Will you be next?
Will you be next?

As a small business owner, unless you’re running ESET NOD32 Antivirus or a similar top-rated program, you risk getting hacked by cybercriminals. A systems breach of any kind could very well be the kiss of death for your enterprise because you would lose your customers’ trust along with their data, and the stellar reputation it took you years of hard work to cultivate would disappear in an instant.

If your business is currently in jeopardy because of lax computer security measures, then it’s critical that you act now to rectify the situation. Here are some important steps to take to protect your company computers from hackers:

  • Install the latest version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus on all machines. The software that has won more 100% performance awards than any other program will give you immediate protection from current and future threats.
  • Train all employees on cyber security. The training seminar should cover topics such as how to choose secure passwords; acceptable Internet and email usage; and the need for regular data backup.
  • Establish a protocol for reporting and handling security breaches. Employees should be instructed on what to do if they notice suspicious activity on their computers or if they inadvertently click on a malicious link or otherwise unleash a virus.

Even relatively small steps such as these can make a huge difference in securing your customers’ social security numbers, credit card numbers, and banking info. To start protecting your business from cybercrime, visit the best resource for computer security at www.softwaresecuritysolutions.com .