Fix for MalwareBytes not updating

Do your MalwareBytes Updates Fail?

This issue might have few different causes, for this reason this Security TIP sheet is divided into three steps. Apply each step in order and check after each step to see if the problem has been resolved. If so, no further action should be taken and you can skip the rest of the steps.


Please, completely uninstall MalwareBytes, Then download it again and re-install it. To do so please follow these steps:

  1. Run mbam-clean.exe to completely uninstall your current installation (please use this file here for a complete removal:
  2. Download the latest version of MalwareBytes here:
  3. Install it as an administrator: Right click on the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware icon, and then select “Run as…” (on Windows XP) or “Run as administrator” (on Windows Vista or Windows 7). A dialog box will open. Enter the password (if required).
  4. Re-activate the new version of MalwareBytes with your Product ID and Key using the COPY/PASTE function.

Reboot the PC and see if this solves the issue; if not, please continue to the next step.


It is possible that the program has been compromised by some high-tech stealthy malware that prevents MalwareBytes from operating correctly.
For this reason they have developed a free tool called “Anti-Rootkit” that targets malware programs that are trying to block MalwareBytes. Anti-Rootkit also recovers and re installs missing .dll files when possible.
Here is a step by step guide to using the Anti-Rootkit program. Please read it carefully and completely before using this program.

If you need a tool to read the attached document, you can find it and download the Foxit Reader free here:

Reboot your PC and see if this has fixed your issue, if not please take the next step.


It’s possible that you have installed some other security software which is interfering with MalwareBytes. Also anti-tracking software, like “Do not track plus” or even the Mozilla Firefox add-on with the same name, can create this problem.
For this reason, please temporarily disable them all, reboot your PC (very important) and see if MalwareBytes starts to work normally again.
If so that means that one of them is the culprit, and by turning them on one-by-one you will find which one; after you have discover it please setup some exclusions in that program so that it will not interfere with MalwareBytes anymore, thus solving your problem going forward.
Hope this helps somehow  – stay safe out there!