Essential Computer Programs for Beginners

The BasicsIn this day and age, we tend to think that nearly everyone we meet is tech savvy and very comfortable using a computer. But the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of folks out there who have recently purchased their first computer or are connecting to the Internet for the first time, making them especially vulnerable to cyber-crime.

If you’re new to computing and want to get the most out of your machine while simultaneously reducing your chances of falling prey to all the hackers and thieves out there, then you’ll first need to purchase, download, and install some basic programs or applications. Here are the essentials that every beginner should have:

  • A web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, for surfing the Internet.
  • Avira Internet Security or a similar program that protects your computer from potential attacks when your machine is online.
  • Good antivirus software to identify, quarantine, and eradicate viruses, Trojans, and malware from your computer. This applies to Apple aficionados too, so check out the antivirus for Mac options we have at to keep your MacBook running like new.
  • A password manager to help you keep track of all the different usernames and passwords you set up for your online accounts.
  • A media player for watching videos and listening to music.
  • Document creation software for letters, reports, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Personal communication applications (e.g. Skype or AIM) for video chatting or instant messaging with others.
  • Digital media management software for organizing and sharing personal photos and videos.

Remember, this list is meant only as a basic guide for new computer or Internet users and  can easily be modified according to your own needs, preferences, and tastes.

In the meantime, start downloading and installing the above essentials today!