Criminals Gone Mobile

Mobile Security for AndroidIf you think cybercrime is something you only have to worry about when sitting at your MacBook or desktop PC, think again. Today’s tech-savvy thieves know all too well that most folks don’t install mobile security programs on their smartphones, cellphones, and tablets, leaving those devices extremely vulnerable to serious attacks. Mobile threats have been trending upward for the past three years, and as cybercriminals’ methods become more sophisticated, you have to be more alert than ever to the possible dangers out there.

Protecting sensitive data on your mobile device is actually very easy because the tools and techniques are readily available. As long as you’re willing to install, implement, and follow through with these mobile security tips, you should be in good shape:

  • Use the password protection feature on your phone or device
  • Make sure the time-out function on the device is activated
  • Purchase a premium Android security or iOS security program for each device you use
  • Only download and install apps from trusted sources to reduce the chances of infecting your phone or tablet with malware
  • Consider installing a data-wiping program that can be remotely activated in the event that your device is lost or stolen
  • Connect to the Internet only via secure networks
  • Monitor your phone bill closely to ensure that you don’t become the victim of toll fraud

Now that cybercriminals are paying more attention to smartphones, cellphones, and tablets, you should too. Improve your mobile security practices by following the above tips to protect the confidential personal and business information stored on your devices.