Convenience Can Cost You

Identify theft can happen from your mobile phone!
Identify theft can happen from your mobile phone!

Think of all the personal data currently stored on your smartphone. Between your contacts, email accounts, photos, web browser, social networking accounts, banking apps, and passwords, there’s enough sensitive information on there for identity thieves to do some serious damage. And with cellphone cybercrime expected to increase dramatically in 2013, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your mobile phone with help from Software Security Solutions.

Our ESET mobile security software is specifically designed to protect Android and Windows-based phones from common threats such as malware, viruses, and malicious applications without hogging CPU resources or draining the battery. In addition, features such as remote lock, remote wipe, and device location help secure your data even if your phone is lost or stolen.

Other ESET mobile security features and benefits include:

  • Call blocking for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Advanced spam filters to block texts from unknown numbers
  • Password reset for forgotten passwords
  • SIM matching to alert you when an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the device
  • “Trusted friend” status that allows a designated third party to remotely reset your password
  • Password protection for all system settings
  • Monitoring of your phone’s critical functions, including battery life, free space, and running processes

While there’s no question that a smartphone can make your life easier, this kind of convenience can cost you if your device falls into the wrong hands. And now that more and more crooks are targeting cellphones, you simply can’t afford to skimp on mobile security. Visit the Software Security Solutions website today to learn more about how ESET can protect your smartphone from cybercrime.