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Proper ‘Puter Protection

Are You Properly Protected?

Every time that you or any of your employees logs onto the Internet, your computer system and all of the data that is stored on it are open to attacks from any number of viruses and associated Trojans and worms. If you do not have the very latest anti-virus software installed in your computer systems, you could stand to lose everything or worse yet have all of the information in your database stolen

While there are many different types of anti-virus software on the market, it is not always easy to know exactly which one is going to be the right one for your business. In order to make sure that your business is properly protected at all times, you need to talk to one of the consultants at Software Security Solutions and let us help put together the best possible layered security solution for your business.

One Antivirus is never enough

Is One Antivirus Program Enough?

Most of us now have at least one type of anti-virus software installed on our home computers and feel that – if this is enough for this purpose it should be enough for the ones we use at work, right.

Gong!! The reality is a little more complicated as you have far more to risk on your company’s computers than you do at home and you cannot afford to live with this risk.

Your computers probably have critical information stored on them. You should never be without anti-virus software to protect it and having a suite on Laptops is a must. However, as bad as having your critical information stolen or destroyed would be, if this were to happen to your company computers the repercussions could take years in the courts to straighten out and decide how much will be awarded in damages. To make sure this never happens you need to talk to the experts at Software Security Solutions and get fully protected.

Is your AV picker workin?

You are using Anti-Virus Software – but how did you pick it?

If you are running a business of your own, you have to be connected to the Internet in order to maximize your business potential.

However, being connected to the Internet is not without its own risks. You can be subjected to attacks from numerous forms of viruses, Trojans and worms that can wreak havoc on your entire network; you need to be sure that you are using the latest security solutions to protect yourself. For example;

You will find that there are several different forms of anti-virus software on the market and unless you are very experienced in this form of software, you may not make the best choices to protect your business.

In order to make sure your company has the level of the protection you need to make sure that nothing can happen to your database, contact one of our experts at Software Security Solutions and let us put the right package together for you.

Laptop Batteries Hacked – whats next?

Call me crazy but it seems there is something inherently wrong with not only having a password to protect a chip, but telling the world that such a thing exists, revealing the password in your public documentation, and then, how to exploit it.

So this begs for a couple hundred questions; If people can hack battery chips, can they hack other chips? Do other chips have passwords? Does this mean that no chip is secure?

If so, then maybe we should just shorten the life cycle of our hacking pain and put all information out for public knowledge and use. Furthering the thought that there would be no benefit to hacking, what then?

The computer security industry would dissolve. All the talented people in the industry could work towards other positive efforts.

The hackers and malicious gangs could contribute positively to this world. They are a very talented group and could do many great things.

I know this all sounds ridiculous. But as Forrest sort of said, “ridiculous is as ridiculous does.”

Speaking of that, I am glad I still use my typewriter to write this stuff. I think it is still un-hackable…time will tell.

Try and stay safe out there.

Ever heard this? “You get what you pay for”

What About Those Free Programs?

When you start looking for antivirus software for your business, you are going to see that there are numerous free programs available.  The big question for many people is whether or not this free software is any good at all or if it should be avoided. What you are going to find is that the majority of these free programs work pretty well, if you like limited features, no support and constant advertising.

However, this free antivirus software is intended mainly for home use and is often limited in scope and often does not have all of the features activated. While this might work for use in a home setting, when you are trying to protect your business and all of the sensitive data that is stored in your database, this is not good enough.

Using free AV software may also be illegal for business use from a licensing perspective, so ‘buyer’ beware!

You are going to need a layered security approach such as that offered by Software Security Solutions consisting of the full versions of more than one program to ensure you are fully protected.


Its time for REAL TIME protection

Real Time Protection

We are all or at least most of us are well aware of the fact that we need to have some form of antivirus software installed on our computers along with a firewall to keep out the steady stream of attacks from hackers.

The one thing many people do not realize is they need to have real time protection as well. While having firewall and antivirus software that stops external attack is good, it is not enough.

When you are surfing the web or downloading and opening email and files, you are also opening your computer up to attack from within. In order to prevent this, you need to be using antivirus software such as the suite we can provide you at Software Security Solutions. Our layered approach not only provides you with protection from outside hackers, but with full real time protection for all of your email, files and for when you are surfing the web.


Anyone seen my mosquito net?

Do You Have Protection?

There is one simple truth that can’t be ignored if you have even one single computer that is connected to the web.  Unless you are running the right Internet security software, you are exposed. It is a little like going into the Okefenokee Swamp without mosquito repellent and no clothes on, you are open to attacks from every direction you can imagine and the results can be, well, painful.

At Software Security Solutions , we believe that just like the layers of protection you would choose for a trip into the swamps, you need Internet security software that is going to provide you with layers of protection. For this we have created a software suite that is designed to protect your computer or computer network from the thousands of daily attacks that it will be subjected to anytime that you connect to the web.


Attacks are becoming Stealthy

Are You Being Invaded? How do you know?

Chances are good that if you are running a business of any kind and you are connected to the web; your computer network is under constant silent attack.

You may not even be aware of the fact that it is happening, many of the viruses that attack your computer show no signs of being there, unless you have the right solutions that detects the threats, whatever they may be.

Depending on the threat, it could be silently stealing personal information such as credit card data, passwords or the information that is stored on your hard drive. No one can afford to lose this type of information, nor can they afford this kind of security breach.

When you have to be connected to the Internet, you need to have the kind of layered protection that Software Security Solutions can  provide to ensure that no one can access your computer network or database.


Instructions for changing ESET RA Servers

Enough customers have asked for help migrating from one ESET Remote Administration (RA) Server to another that I thought these instructions would be in order.

First Configure the New ESET RA Server:

1.    Go to, click on “Take me to my Download” and then on the Business Tab. Using your licensed user name and password, download the following new installers:

a.    RA Server

b.    RA Console

c.    Client Installers (32\64 bit as needed)

2.    Install the new RA Server then the Console on the new machine. Take all the defaults and enter the User name and Password in the RA Server update section. Do not set any other passwords at this time.

3.    Build the applicable update mirrors including the Program Component mirrors for each client installer (32\64 bit) type. Then fire the event to configure the new NOD32 RA Server.

4.    Install the ESET antivirus client on the new Server for local protection. Be sure to follow the Best Practices for server configuration setup.

5.    Point the server’s local ESET “client” to the new ESET NOD32 RA Server for Remote Administration and Updates. To see it quickly show up in the console change the time to 0 minutes, don’t forget to change it back to the default of 10 minutes once shows up.

6.    Confirm the server shows up as a client of itself and is updating properly from the ESET RA Server. This step confirms that the new server is properly configured and ready to manage the clients coming from the old server.

Then change the configuration on the Old ESET RA Server to point clients to the new RA Server:

1.    Open the RA Console on the Old NOD32 RA Server

2.    Go to Tools > Policy Manager

3.    For each applicable policy, change the Remote Administration configuration under the Kernel Setup so the clients will now check in with the new Server with their status and signature levels.

4.    For clients getting updates locally from the old RA Server (instead of the from the Internet), change the update server settings to point to the new NOD32 RA Server.

5.    Save both changes in the Policy Manager. Remember the ESET clients check in for remote administration and update as 2 separate functions.

6.    Over time the clients will start to check in with the new NOD32 RA Server and drop off the old one.

7.    Once you are comfortable that all machines have migrated it is safe to take the old ESET RA Server down.

If you need help confirming this is properly set up and that the migration will go smooth, please let us know!