Catch a Cybercriminal If You Can

Catch Me if You CanHave you ever wondered how often cyber-criminals are investigated, tracked down, convicted, and punished? Well, the statistics are quite disheartening. According to FBI data approximately 25% of all cyber crime cases go unsolved, and the conviction rate is mind-bogglingly low, with only one cyber-criminal jailed for every 50,365 victims. And these numbers only account for the crimes serious enough to warrant FBI attention, which means $5,000 in damages!

Why is it so difficult to bring cyber-criminals to justice? This is a question we at Software Security Solutions were curious about, so we decided to do a little digging. It turns out many factors contribute to the criminals’ ability to evade law enforcement, including the following:

  • Cyber-criminals constantly modify their techniques and use the newest technology in order to stay one step ahead of authorities. Another reason for layered security!
  • Cyber-criminals tend to victimize many individuals for relatively small amounts of money in the hopes that the incidents go unreported.
  • Cyber crime doesn’t leave much of a paper trail for authorities to follow. The savviest criminals are able to erase their virtual tracks, making detection nearly impossible.
  • Cyber crime is a worldwide activity that presents numerous jurisdictional problems. If a criminal in China rips off a victim in Los Angeles, you can imagine the jurisdictional nightmare that would be involved in prosecuting the case.

Although cyber crime is a real and constant threat in today’s world, you can protect yourself by being proactive and vigilant. For example, installing the best ESET NOD32 antivirus software on your computer, updating it regularly, and scanning your machine often will alert you to potential problems. In addition, you should thoroughly vet any online store or auction site before divulging sensitive credit card information, and completely ignore unsolicited emails of a financial nature.

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