BlackBerry Server Exploit – Mobile Security Alert!

It is apparently easy for an exploit to be run in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server by sending a malicious image to a Blackberry device. This message just in from our friends over at ThreatPost.

The vulnerabilities are in many versions of the Blackberry Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise.
This vulnerability should be patched immediately and qualifies for the “before bed list” of things to do today to protect Blackberry users and the Server.

These words from Blackberry say it all;

“Successful exploitation of any of these vulnerabilities might allow an attacker to gain access to and execute code on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Depending on the privileges available to the configured BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account, the attacker might also be able to extend access to other non-segmented parts of the network.”

Patching for this exploit should be done right now! More here:

and here:

Stay safe out there.

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