Does your coat of armour have many colors?

Put a colorful Coat of Armor on Your Network

Your computer network is constantly under siege as long as it remains connected to the web. You have employees that spend their time surfing the web and going to sites that have little to no security, customers sending you email that is just as likely to be infected and many other risks. If you don’t at least a security suite to put up protective barriers, your walls are going to come tumbling down.

The reality is that while one antivirus program is certainly going to help, you need to think more in terms of the old medieval castles when it comes to protecting your computers and network. These castles built a multilayers defense system using moats and several layers of walls to protect the occupants. At Software Security Solutions, we take the same approach to placing an armor shield around your network by using several different solutions to add layers of protection and keep the attackers where they belong, on the outside looking in, through a coat of many colors.

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