One Antivirus is never enough

Is One Antivirus Program Enough?

Most of us now have at least one type of anti-virus software installed on our home computers and feel that – if this is enough for this purpose it should be enough for the ones we use at work, right.

Gong!! The reality is a little more complicated as you have far more to risk on your company’s computers than you do at home and you cannot afford to live with this risk.

Your computers probably have critical information stored on them. You should never be without anti-virus software to protect it and having a suite on Laptops is a must. However, as bad as having your critical information stolen or destroyed would be, if this were to happen to your company computers the repercussions could take years in the courts to straighten out and decide how much will be awarded in damages. To make sure this never happens you need to talk to the experts at Software Security Solutions and get fully protected.

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