What a Computer Virus Can Do

You have been infectedIf you’ve never had to deal with a computer virus before, you’re either very lucky or you’ve taken our advice and turned to Software Security Solutions for Avira Antivirus.  We hope it’s the latter, because entrusting your data to luck is not a smart move.

Once unleashed, a computer virus can cause tremendous damage to the files on your PC—and in some cases may even render the machine itself inoperable. It will then take considerable time or money (often both) to recover your data, get your computer working smoothly again, or buy a new machine altogether.

What else can a computer virus do? Here’s a partial list of malicious capabilities:

• Replicate itself and infect other files or machines on your network
• Permanently delete or corrupt files
• Overwrite critical files
• Disable various programs, including automatic security updates
• Inflict physical damage to CD drives, hard disks, and other hardware components

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