A thief’s pleasure

Protect Your Business and home computers with the Right Security Solutions

We would all like to believe that the World Wide Web is a safe place to surf; sadly the reality is very different. You will find that the Internet is place that is loaded with hackers and thieves that take great pleasure in being able to hack into other peoples’ computers or create viruses that are very destructive. You should never connect any computer to the web unless you have some form of anti-virus protection installed.

At Software Security Solutions we offer a layered form of anti-virus protection that goes beyond what the big brand name companies have to offer. By using our software you will be able to protect one or more computers and adjust the levels of protection based on the need to protect the information stored on them. We have found that our layered approach will help to provide the highest level of protection for your information, yet it will allow the user to access the web as a part of their daily business.

Market-leading Antivirus not always the best

Not All Antivirus Software is the Same, herein lies the lesson.

As the time comes to start looking for new Antivirus software, you are going to find that there are a number of different brands on the shelves. Among these are brand names like Kaspersky and Norton Symantec, each of these different brands claim to offer you complete protection from everything that is likely to attempt to attack your computer, you will find that not all software is the same.

You can buy the marketing, but marketing doesn’t protect you. You can guess, but that’s like shootin the dark without fancy gear.

You will need to spend a fair amount of time thinking about what you are trying to protect and what your Antivirus software to do for you. Will you need protection only against incoming threats, what about those who surf the web, emails and so on?

Each suite of software provides different services and if you are not sure which one is right for you, you need to talk to the experts at Software Security Solutions and let us help you to make sure your network is fully protected at all times.