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We are all more than well aware of the fact that if we are going to connect our computers to the Internet, we must have some form of antivirus software to keep out all of various intruders who seek to rob us blind and destroy our computers. While there are many different brands of anti-virus software on the market, Kaspersky antivirussoftware is considered by many to be one of the best on the market today.

Even though Kaspersky antivirus software is very highly rated, it is only designed to protect your computer from a very specific variety of malware and viruses. There are others such as pop-ups, key loggers and trackers that are designed to steal your personal information and create just as much if not more damage than a virus. Software Security Solutions offers a low cost, highly effective layered software approach that can provide you with the level of protection you need.

Internet Security Comes in Layers

If you have employees who have access to the Internet from the computer they use at work, you are setting yourself up for potential disaster if you are not using Internet security software. While you might be very careful with where you go on the web, there always seems to be at least one employee who goes wherever he pleases on his work computer without regard for any possible risks.

In order to lock your company computers down and limit where your employees can and cannot go on the web, you should be using Internet security software such as that available from Software Security Solutions. We can provide you with fully customizable software that will allow you to establish permission levels for each employee that will prevent them from going places online that are commonly known to be sources of a variety of malware that can damage your computer systems.

Laying it on

If you have a single computer or a hundred computers that are connected to the Internet and do not have Layers of Internet security software, your critical data could be at risk and exposed to attack. This would be the equivalent of going to a jousting tournament without taking the time to put on your suit of armor. In either situation, you leave yourself open to attacks that are going to have disastrous results.

At Software Security Solutions , we know that just like the layers of protection you would choose for your suit of armor, you need Internet security software that is going to provide you with layers of protection. In light of this we have designed a software suite that is designed to protect your computer or computer network from the thousands of daily attacks that it will be subjected to anytime that you connect to the web.

Desktop Security

Keeping the Spies at Bay with Desktop Security Software

Every time you turn on your computer and connect to the Internet, you put everything on it and everything you do with your computer at risk of being spied on. Unless you have been living in a cave, you should be very familiar with the concept of identity theft. If you use your computer to shop on the web with a credit card or enter a password to access your accounts, you must have some form of desktop security software to keep your information safe.

At Software Security Solutions we have created layered desktop security that uses the latest software from companies like Kaspersky, ESET Smart Security and OutpostPro. Together these software suites will provide you with a personal firewall, anti-Malware and anti-Spam protection. We put these software suites together in such a way as to ensure you get maximum protection yet still allow you to actually work efficiently online.

Saving Private data

Is Your Home Computer Protected with Antivirus Software?

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the information and personal data that you keep stored on your home computer? Worse yet have you ever stopped to think about what could happen if you lost all of it because you were not using an up to date Antivirus software and a virus wiped out everything on your hard drive?

If you are like most families, you have all of your banking information, your financial records, your taxes and of course hundreds of family photographs all neatly stored on your hard drive. Also if you are like a large percentage of people, you never bother to make backup copies of all of these files. So when you are not protected by Antivirus software such as that from Software Security Solutions, you are going to be in big trouble when that virus destroys all of this priceless data.

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Protecting Your Data with the Right Antivirus Software

As a large company that stores the personal information belonging to all of your clients in your database, it is your job to ensure that this information is carefully protected. If you are not using antivirus software to protect your database, you leave it open to being invaded by an outside source and all of the information stored in it can be compromised.

Given the significant amount of money and customer faith you stand to lose if your database is accessed by someone who is not supposed to be there, you need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to protect it. At Software Security Solutions we can provide you with a multilayered antivirus protection package that will stop would be invaders in their tracks. This is the only way you can continue to serve your clients safe in the knowledge that their information cannot be compromised.

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Your antivirus Program Is Only As Good As the Latest Update

The one thing that so many people fail to realize is that no matter how much or how little you spend on the antivirus program you are using to protect your computer system, it is only as good as the last time you updated it. Herein lies the real problem, we all known that we need this software to protect our computers, but so many people do not realize that it must be updated constantly.

The reason that your antivirus software from Software Security Solutions must be updated regularly is that no matter how new it is when you install it, there is a constant barrage of new viruses, trojans and countless other forms of malware being introduced to the web. While many are already recognizable variants, it takes constantly updated software to ensure you get the best protection possible.

CyberSpace Invaders

Antivirus Software Protects Your Data from Virtual Space Invaders

If your company computers are connected to the Internet, you are going to find that your entire database is at risk of being constantly attacked by virtual space invaders that have one of two things on their minds. These are either stealing everything in your database or destroying it. There are only two ways that you can stop this from happening is to disconnect from the Internet or to make sure that you have the best possible Antivirus software installed in your ERP.

Leaving your company computer system unprotected by not using the right type of Antivirus software is akin to running a bank and not protecting it with security guards. Both of these situations are completely unacceptable and can leave you vulnerable to attacks that can take everything you own. Before you allow this to happen to your company, you need to talk to the experts at Software Security Solutions and let us provide you with the protection you need.


Without Anti-Virus Protection Your Computer Is Vulnerable

Most of us now own at least one computer and use one at work. No matter where we use a computer, the odds are good that we are going to use it to connect to the Internet. Once you make that connection your computer is vulnerable to attacks from literally millions of different forms of viruses, trojans and worms and unless you are using an anti-virus program, these attacks are going to succeed. Too many vulner-abilities to mention.

When you stop to consider the information that is stored on your computer that can be lost, stolen and compromised by any one of these forms of malware, it is much easier to see why it is so important for you to be using anti-virus software such as we carry at Software Security Solutions. We can provide you with antivirus software that is appropriate to your specific needs to ensure that you are fully protected every time you connect to the web.

A safe presence online

Are You Protecting Your Company with LAYERS?

In order to run a successful business today, you are going to need to be connected to the World Wide Web and maintain an online presence. The only real problem with this is that as long as you have your computers connected to the web, you place them and everything on them at risk of being infected by any one of a myriad of different forms of malware that can be found on the web. In order to protect yourself is with the right anti-virus software.

With so many different types of malware floating around the web, you are going to find that the average out of the box anti-virus software will not provide the level of security you are going to need to keep your computers and all of the data you have saved on them safe. What you really need is the multilayered approach to complete Internet security provided by the experts at Software Security Solutions.