Internet Security Software

Protecting All That Is Yours with Internet Security Software

Each time you turn on your computer and use it to connect to the Internet, you risk all of the data that you have stored on it at risk of being stolen or destroyed by an amazing array of viruses, trojans and all manner of malware. When you consider the high risk of being hit by a cyber-attack today, if you do not take the time and effort to protect your computers with some form of Internet security software you are setting yourself up for potential disaster.

Internet security software such as that available from Software Security Solutions is designed to protect your computer, those of anyone else in your network and of course your database. Any time that you allow your system to go unprotected for even a short period of time, the effects of a cyber-attack can be nothing short of disastrous. When you think about the information that you may be protecting, the small investment in the right form of protection will no longer seem like such a burden.

Antivirus Software

What about Free Antivirus Software?

As you start searching for antivirus software for your business or personal computer, you are going to find that there are a number of free programs available. The big question that many people have is if this free software is any good at all or if it something that you should avoid at all costs. You will find that for the most part is that the majority of these free programs are only intended for home use.

Since this free antivirus software is intended mainly for home use, you will find that it is often limited in scope and often does not have all of the features activated. While this might work for use in a home computer, when you are trying to protect your business and all of the sensitive data that is stored in your database, this is not going to be anywhere close to good enough. What you need is a layered security approach such as that offered by Software Security Solutions consisting of the full versions of more than one program to ensure you are fully protected.

Bad worms

Keeping the Worms Away Takes Good Anti-Virus Software

Although it can be vital to a successful fishing trip to have a tub full of worms, they are not something that you want to have a collection of on your hard drive. Unfortunately you are likely to find that if you are not using the right kind of anti-virus software on your computers, you may soon find out that this is exactly what you are going to find happens.

At Software Security Solutions we know what it is like to be the fish in the water that is waiting for the worm only to find that it has a big hook in it that is going to destroy you. In order to prevent this from happening we have created a layered anti-virus software suite that will put a virtual safety net around your database that will keep out all of the worms, trojans bearing gifts and malware that is designed to destroy or steal all of the information stored in your database right before your eyes.

Security Software

Keep Your Employees Honest with the Right Security Software

If there is one thing that most employers have come to realize that as long as they have employees who have a company computer that is connected to the Internet, there is the risk that they are going to go places on the Internet where they have no business being. You can prevent this with the right type of security software.

With the right security software from Software Security Solutions you can establish access levels for your employees and completely block certain types of sites from being accessed at all. This will put a stop to them surfing the web and going places where they don’t belong. In turn this can help to stop your computers from becoming infected by any one of thousands of different forms of malware that so many sites are infested with.

Desktop Security

Keeping Nosey People Out with Desktop Security Software

Just because all of your employees work for the same company does not automatically mean that they should be able to sit down at any computer within the walls of your company and access whatever information is stored on it. In fact this could prove to be disastrous and you can easily prevent this using desktop security software from Software Security Solutions.

With desktop security software you can establish parameters and security levels for all of the software and the databases in your network. Each employee can be issued a password that will grant them access only to those areas that they need to be in and keep them locked out of those that they don’t. This can go a long way towards preventing theft of information from your database or someone inadvertently seeing information that could cause problems for everyone involved.

Running in the e-world unprotected

Protect Your Electronic World with Security Software

In our modern world we store an amazing amount of highly important and sensitive data on our computers, from banking and credit card information to company secrets. The number of less than savory characters that continuously send viruses, any of which could steal, destroy or cripple your database, is on the rise. The only way to protect what you have is to make sure you have the best security software installed on your computers.

While this might sound pretty obvious, you might be surprised to learn how many individuals and companies are operating with out of date anti-virus software installed on their computers and even worse yet but not surprising, none at all. At Software Security Solutions, we take a layered approach to protecting your database using the latest anti-virus software and more to make sure that the information you have stored is protected by an impenetrable wall of security.

AV Program

Is An Antivirus Program Really Worth Investing In?

There are still many people and for that matter that wonder if an antivirus program is worth investing in, after all there are so many free versions on the market won’t they do the job? The easiest way to answer this would be to ask you just how much you value the data that is stored within the hard drive or drives on your computers.

Many of the free antivirus programs that are available are capable of doing a decent job, but think of them in terms of the insurance you buy for your car. They would be like buying minimal coverages, for which you get minimal protections. Yet if you step up to paying for full coverage, you know your car is completely protected. The anti-virus software available from Software Security Solutions is just like buying comprehensive insurance for your computer.

Keep the Company Safe

The Right security Software Can Keep Your Company Safe

In one way or another just about every home and business in the country is now connected to the Internet. Where the public highways were once rated as the most dangerous place in the world, today many consider the Internet to be even worse as while you might not be able to get physically injured on the web, if you are not using the right security software, the damage can be just as bad.

All you have to do is look at the millions of people, including major corporations and government agencies that have fallen victim to any number of viruses, trojans and worms, not to mention outright attempts to steal data and is easy to see how important security software becomes. When you need this kind of protect Software Security Solutions will work with you to provide you with the highest level of protection so that you can remain connected to the web without living in fear.

To Kaspersky, or not?

Should You Be Using Kaspersky Antivirus? That is the question.

The Internet is filled with an endless stream of malware that is intent up invading your computer on a seek, steal and destroy mission. It has been this way practically since the beginning and rather than getting better, the situation is only getting worse. If your computer or computers are not protected by software such as Kaspersky Antivirus, you are at risk every time you turn one of your computers on and connect to the web.

While Kaspersky Antivirus is rated as one of the best antivirus programs on the market, it only goes so far. There are many other forms of malware on the web that an antivirus program is not designed to protect you from. At Software Security Solutions we take a layered approached to providing you with a complete protection package that will keep you surfing the web in complete safety. Because different tools are only good at certain things…

Russian Antivirus

Over the years we have learned that if we are going to connect our computers to the Internet, we must protect them from variety of web based threats that can access, damage or steal our personal information. Program such as Kaspersky antivirussoftware have been designed to take care of detecting, blocking and removing a wide selection of viruses, Trojans and worms, unfortunately until recently this is about as far as they went.

While programs such as Kaspersky antivirus are very good at what they do, these are not the only threats your computer systems face. You will find that the Internet is loaded with a myriad of malware, pop-ups, key loggers and trackers that can steal your personal information and create just as much if not more damage than a virus. Software Security Solutions offers a low cost, highly effective layered software approach that can provide you with the level of protection you need.