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Up to 90% of today’s email traffic is either spam or some other type of unwanted or malicious communication. Given users’ continuing tendency to open messages they shouldn’t, and click on links without any knowledge of where that link is going, e-mail security is a vital element of your layered security.

Because email is more of a transport mechanism than a threat in and of itself, a number of different risks are posed by the irresponsible use of email by your users:


Virus Infections
If you use Exchange or another SMTP-based email system, our layered security solution adds scanning of all emails by multiple anti-virus engines at the server level. This is in addition to the virus scanning provided on the network because threats can come in through other vectors than email. This approach delivers the ultimate in layered email protection because different scanners are good at catching different threats. The signature-based engines act as a foundation by protecting against 100% of known viruses. We build on that foundation with our best of breed solutions - multiple zero-hour and heuristic filter engines that will detect the latest threats with minimal impact to email service delivery (typically less than 30 seconds from send to delivery).

Spam and other offensive messages
Spam costs businesses huge amounts of time (which equals money) as employees struggle to keep track of good email versus bad email. Spam filtering is an equally large challenge, as what is spam for one person might be a useful newsletter to another. Once more, we need to call on multiple types of filter to deal with the multiple definitions of spam. There are the obvious spams (the “blue pill” and other pharmaceutical pitches), the graphically offensive images (that can get your business sued for sexual and other types of harassment), the messages that are simply communications that you never signed up for, and more. Our best-of-breed spam protection provides all the layers you need to keep your network clean.

Denial of Service Attacks
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on mail servers attempt to deliberately prevent a company’s mail communications from functioning normally. Our recommended way to avoid this problem is to securely route your e-mail traffic via an external server before being delivered to your network. An unintended side benefit of this approach is a significant drop in bandwidth usage.

Directory Harvest Attacks
Directory Harvest Attacks attempt to locate valid e-mail addresses by guessing at common user names and attacking the domain name, either by guessing and the use of a dictionary or by brute force attacks. Our recommended solution protects against both of these types of attacks.

Email Security Solutions:
Our recommended solution is the one we’ve returned to time and again. We believe it is the best option for companies with Exchange or other SMTP email servers.

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