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Once your valuable data has been identified the most important next step is to back that data up. Old ways of backing up data are being replaced with faster and better solutions making data backup fast, easy, reliable, and cost efficient. One of our goals is to simplify data back up and provide the best and most critical layer of our Layered Security Solution.

Backup plan questions:
START HERE as a guide to select the best backup strategy and solution.

  1. How much data is there to backup?
  2. When restoring, how important is the speed of restoration of that data?
  3. How flexible do the backups need to be? Is some data backed up on-site, some offsite, some both on and off site?
  4. What happens if the building is destroyed or the computers (in the office, laptops), holding the data are stolen or destroyed? Can you recover?
  5. Are “bare metal” (includes Operating System and all applications), backups necessary?

Business Backups;
Backing up Data is critical to the life of any business using technology as a core component to its existence. There are a few technicalities to consider when choosing a backup solution. The bottom line for choosing a data backup solution focuses on these key elements.

  1. Accuracy and content of data being backed up – Carefully consider what is going to be backed up and from where. Make sure that only business critical data is being backed up and review this quarterly.
  2. Ease and flexibility of Deployment and Management – Choose a solution that is easy to deploy and manage for your business. Make sure it provides the flexibility your business need now and in the future. It must be a good fit for your type of network and backup requirements.
  3. Ease and speed of Restoring backed up data – Depending on the amount of data, the criticality and the situation, speed may not be as important as ease of data restoration. Consider this carefully when choosing a business backup solution because of the cost implications.
  4. Cost of knowing your data is safely backed up – Like the rest of the industry, our data back up recommendations are priced by the amount of data being backed up. Where we differentiate and add value is in the flexibility of our solutions and how they back your valuable data up.


Once these questions are answered the next step is to choose the solution that best fits your needs. Please call if you need help figuring out what might be best for your business. It *may not* be one of our solutions and we will tell you that as well.


Online Backup Solution, for SMB and personal computers: (see the solution HERE)

  • Best suited for small businesses, SOHO, and personal computers.
  • Required for true disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Can backup up to 200Gigs of data.
  • Flexible, easy to restore but restorations may be slower than having a local appliance.
  • No additional cost of purchasing and time managing an appliance.
  • Backups are incremental, only the files that change are backed up.
  • Not the best choice for bare-metal backups.


On-Site & Online Backup Solution, for BUSINESSES: (see the solution HERE)

  • Better restore speed and flexibility if you are backing up large amounts of data (say over 10 Gigs)
  • Better management of bandwidth for businesses. (Can schedule large online updates for off-peak hours)
  • Increased scalability for managing company and data growth.
  • Easier to add data protection applications like archiving, Ediscovery.
  • Can do bare metal backups.



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