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Antivirus Software Considerations from Software Security Solutions

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Antivirus Software You Can Count On

Malicious viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware and other threats seem to come at computers faster than reactive antivirus security programs can keep up with them. This is a large reason why Software Security Solutions is relied upon for antivirus software. We have made it our mission to raise the bar in computer security and we have by offering only the best in researched independently tested antivirus software solutions .

At Software Security Solutions, we rigorously test each of the products we offer to ensure the highest quality, most up-to-date protection solutions are offered to our clients. Through our research and other third-party antivirus testers we have verified that the new generation of antivirus software is much faster than previous renditions. Our solutions have the best virus detection rates, smaller footprints and more regular updates than the old legacy solutions.

When it’s time to rationally protect computers with antivirus software, there are hallmarks to look for to ensure a solid purchase. The best products with the greatest reliability levels tend to have:

  • Small footprints – Antivirus software shouldn’t take up a lot of space or demand a ton of system resources to function correctly. Good programs perform their jobs right without slowing down machine performance in the process.
  • Fast scan times – New generation antivirus software that is worth purchasing will not require hours on end to scan a system. Scans should be quick and thorough.
  • Proactive heuristics – Solid programs proactively stop viruses and worms without the need for signature updates. They should provide users with the peace of mind they need to ensure their data is protected.
  • International recognition – Antivirus software products that are not award winning for their certified virus protection are not worth considering.
  • Global support – Good antivirus software will boast global deployment and support.


The point of antivirus software is to stop malicious threats without degrading machine performance. At Software Security Solutions, the programs we offer do just that. We offer only the best programs that work in well with a layered or multifaceted approach to security.
Our antivirus software packages come from such makers as:

  • Kaspersky – This Company offers thought leading protection for business, home and mobile users. Its programming is highly credible and designed to stop malicious attacks in their tracks. Kaspersky is quickly gaining market share and great at marketing.
  • NOD32 – Produced by ESET, the NOD32 line is among the very best in the world. This company’s antivirus software has never failed to find a virus in the wild in the rigorous 100% Virus Bulletin testing. The company’s success rate is so high, in fact, it has passed the Virus Bulletin testing without a missed virus ten years in a row.

We have been offering antivirus softwareto our customers since 2002. Since that time, our research lab and third-party testers have found these two products continue to be among the very best on the market. At Software Security Solutions, we are proud to offer these quality lines directly to our customers in the North American market.
If you’re ready to ensure your computer has the protection it needs, take the time to browse our site. You will find solutions available for home, office and mobile use. We also offer other services designed to provide layered protection for single computers to entire networks.




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